New research project aims to help homeowners share solar energy

Residential Solar Energy - Solar panel energy on roofs

Researcher wants to develop a way for homeowners to share solar energy with one another A researcher from the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom is working to develop new technologies that would allow people to share the solar energy they produce themselves. Mahmoud Dhimish, a PhD student at the university, has launched a project focused on making this a possibility. The project is being supported by the University of Huddersfield School of Computing and Engineering. If successful, the project may eventually lead to a future where homeowners will…

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Solar energy bill could mean economic success in California

Solar Energy Capacity

SB 843 aims to promote shared energy projects A bill currently being deliberated on by California legislators could have profound implications for the state’s use of solar energy. Senate Bill 843 aims to make solar energy available to thousands of Californians that have never made use of the power before. The legislation is often referred to as the California Shared Solar Bill and aims to provide new avenues through which consumers can make use of solar energy. The bill’s proponents suggest that it could revolutionize the solar energy industry in…

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