Researchers build new cheap and sustainable biogenic solar cell

Biogenic Solar Cell - Solar Panels under cloudy skies

A solar cell that uses bacteria can convert light to energy. Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) have discovered a new way to build cheap solar cells that are also sustainable. Called biogenic solar cells, they use bacteria that converts light to energy, even under cloudy skies. The bacteria-powered solar cell works equally efficient in both bright and dim light. This innovative biogenic solar cell generated a current more powerful than any previously recorded from this type of device. Its ability to convert light to energy, even in…

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Transparent solar cells could one day generate power for homes and office buildings

Transparent Solar Cells - Solar Windows - sunflower - solar energy

A team of researchers wants to turn windows into viable solar panels. Windows of homes and office buildings could one day generate solar energy via transparent solar cells, according to research conducted by scientists at Michigan State University. New technologies could revolutionize traditional solar windows. While glass windows generating solar power isn’t anything new, the trouble is that these windows traditionally have light-absorbing films embedded in their glass, which removes their transparency. Instead, they have a brown or reddish tint. Although this lack of transparency maximizes their efficiency to convert…

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Solar3D shows off new 3D solar cell

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

3D solar cell produces 250% more electricity than conventional models Solar3D, a leading solar energy technology company, has completed the first prototype of its 3D solar cell technology. The company has been working to develop a three-dimensional solar energy system for some time, believing that such a system would be profoundly more efficient than conventional systems. Initial tests of the new prototype system seem promising, as Solar3D claims that its new solar energy cell is capable of producing 250% more electricity than its conventional counterparts. New solar energy system exceeds…

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