UK aims to increase tax on solar energy by 800%

Solar Energy Taxes - UK Pounds

UK government announces massive tax hike on the solar energy sector The future of solar energy in the United Kingdom may have grown slightly dimmer. The UK government is set to increase taxes on rooftop solar power initiatives by a staggering 800%. Government officials refused to accommodate the concerns of solar advocates, many of whom called for the government to delay the tax increase or reduce it by a significant margin. The Solar Trade Association suggests that the tax increase is “nonsensical.” The tax increase is expected to come into…

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UK cuts subsidies for solar energy by 65%

UK government decides to make major cuts to subsidies supporting homeowners interested in solar energy The United Kingdom government has opted to make cuts to subsidies for homeowners installing rooftop solar panels by 65%. The decision could have a major impact on the solar energy industry in the country, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change. A recent study from the agency suggests that cutting subsidies by this degree could put an end to some 18,700 jobs in the industry, which currently boasts of just over 32,000 jobs.…

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US solar energy industry may be at risk due to tax credit cuts

Solar industry could lose thousands of jobs as a result of diminished subsidies The solar energy industry in the United States may soon see job cuts as a result of tax credits from the federal government expiring. The solar industry has already run into many problems in the country over the past few years, with several high-profile solar companies failing and closing down. The Solar Trade Association has surveyed some 200 solar companies, found that many jobs within the solar industry may be in danger if tax credits are not…

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