US and China power growth of the solar energy industry

Solar Energy Industry Power Growth - USA and China

Highlight showcases the continued expansion of the solar energy industry The solar energy industry has grown significantly over the past year and the United States and China have contributed heavily to this. A new report from SolarPower Europe shows that 2016 was a major year for the solar sector, with installed capacity surpassing 76 gigawatts. By comparison, some 50 gigawatts of solar capacity were installed worldwide in 2015. Falling prices throughout the solar energy industry have helped power this growth. China contributes heavily to the growth of the solar market…

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Portugal wind energy, solar, and hydro cover the country’s electricity needs for 107 hours

Portugal has achieved a major victory in renewable energy Portugal has reached a major milestone in terms of renewable energy and sustainability. The country has been entirely powered by renewable power for more than four days. During a 107 hour period, Portugal derived all of its electricity from solar energy systems, wind farms, and hydro energy. This means that for four consecutive days, Portugal produce no harmful emissions when generating electrical power. The announcement of this milestone comes only days after Germany announced that clean power had supplied the entirety…

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