United States Treasury Department to investigate fraud in the solar energy sector

Federal agency will be looking into concerns regarding fraud in the solar space The United States Treasury Department has begun looking into potential fraud in the solar energy space. The matter involves the federal agency investigating the funding that solar panel manufacturers have received over the course of three years. Some lawmakers have requested that the agency provide them with updates concerting the investigation. The concern lies with the belief that some companies have inflated the market value of their products in order to gain access to more taxpayer money.…

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New legislation could damage the Aqua Caliente solar project

Aqua Caliente project

Lawmakers look to end federal loan program that has supported Aqua Caliente solar project Some U.S. lawmakers are looking to put an end to the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee program, which has supplied financial support to alternative energy projects for several years. Legislators are expected to vote later this week on the so called “No More Solyndras Act” which aims to protect the country from the failures of solar energy companies that rely on federal funds. Arizona’s Aqua Caliente solar project may be able to placate the concerns of…

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