Where Does our Energy Come From?

When it comes to matters of energy, people often think that fossil-fuels like coal and oil generate electrical power when burned. This is not the case, but how these fuels are used are not typically well understood by those outside of the energy business. As such, many people do not know what is used to actually generate the electricity that they consume on a daily basis. Fossil-fuels are integral to the generation of electrical power in modern society. While these fuels are losing prominence due to the environmental damage they…

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Water scarcity could cripple China’s energy supply

Water Scarcity renewable energy

Water scarcity may cause significant energy disruptions Water is of vital importance to the world. It not only plays a role in the ongoing survival of the human species, as well as others, but it is also widely used in the world of energy. While fossil-fuels are used to generate much of the electrical power that the world relies on, water is used as a means to produce power as well. Approximately 90% of the electrical power generated around the world comes from steam turbines, and the majority of this…

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