ITC ruling could have an impact on the solar energy industry

Solar Energy Industry - Solar Panels

ITC finds that imported solar panels have been a problem for domestic companies A recent ruling from the International Trade Commission (ITC) could have a major impact on the solar energy industry in the United States. The organization is now suggesting that low-cost, imported solar panels, specifically from China, have caused problems for two domestic panel manufacturers. These companies are Suniva and SolarWind, which may have experienced some economic damage due to the influx of solar products that have been manufactured outside of the United States. Companies are having trouble…

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US officials to investigate tariffs on imported solar energy products

Solar Energy Tarrif

Petition calls for safeguards to be placed for the sake of the US solar energy market The United States government is considering imposing tariffs on solar panels that are imported into the country. The International Trade Commission has announced that it has launched an investigation concerning the matter. The investigation is in response to a petition filed by Suniva, a solar manufacturer that has declared bankruptcy. The company suggests that China is responsible for flooding the U.S. market with photovoltaic products. This has caused the price of such products to…

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U.S. Marine Corps installs massive solar array at Quantico base

Quantico Marine base

As the U.S. Department of Defense continues its campaign to promote alternative energy, the U.S. Marine Corps has built a massive solar array at the Marine Helicopter Squadron 1’s hangar in Quantico, Virginia. Solar power has been gaining traction with consumers lately, as many look for cleaner and less expensive ways to power their homes. Businesses have also been keen to adopt solar energy, as is the case with Apple’s new headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, where the company built one of the world’s largest solar arrays on its new…

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