Pelican Water Creates Interactive Map To Assess Water Quality Risks By State

Pelican Water Systems, a leader in home water filtration systems, unveils a new interactive map highlighting major water concerns in each of the 50 states. The map is the newest online tool provided by Pelican Water to help Americans better safeguard their homes and families from unsafe drinking water. In response to the lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, and with a goal of increasing water quality awareness across the country, Pelican Water researched key water issues by state. They created this innovative and interactive tool to highlight the top…

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Geothermal system will save Nashville airport over $400K a year

Geothermal plates will be used to provide cool lake water for the airport’s cooling and irrigation system. By next summer, the Nashville International Airport will receive water for its cooling and irrigation systems via a geothermal system installed in the former Hoover Quarry, a 43-acre lake that holds stormwater runoff and is located next to the airport. The project is expected to save the airport nearly $430,000 annually in cooling costs for the next 50 years. Water from the lake will not require energy to be chilled, saving money and…

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New recycling technology can keep more glass out of landfills

Self-adhesive technology allows clear separation of labels from glass. Avery Dennison has introduced a glass recycling technology that enables the clean separation of self-adhesive labels from glass materials. Their new technology will not only ensure that glass products will still maintain shelf appeal but, more importantly, it will allow more glass items to be recycled, which means less glass will be sent to landfills. More glass that consumers recycle end up in landfills than they might realize. According to information on the Avery Dennison Glass Recycling webpage, “For single-use bottles,…

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Clothing recycling program expanded by Levi Strauss

The famous denim clothing manufacture announced the expansion of its clothing recycling initiative to all its US Stores. Levi Strauss & Co. the San Francisco-based clothing company that is known all over the world for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans, has broadened its clothing recycling program to all of its mainline and outlet stores across the United States. Its goal is to encourage consumers to recycle clothing and shoes, and to further its commitment to sustainability by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. The expansion of its…

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Liquid engineering could makes homes sustainable

Architect believes that water homes could be an environmentally friendly solution Liquid engineering is a relatively new concept that is finding some traction among architects. One of those that has spend a great deal of time working with liquid engineering is architect Matyas Gutai, who believes that water is the perfect solution to regulating the temperature of a home. Gutai has developed a prototype house in his hometown of Kecskemet, Budapest, where his ideas concerning liquid engineering are put on display. Liquid engineering can allow homes to regulate their own…

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Renewable energy awareness is low among mobile consumers

A new report has found that mobile device charging generates a surprising amount of greenhouse gases. A recent Juniper Research report discovered that when it comes to renewable energy and sustainable habits, consumer awareness is low in mobile markets and that by 2019, charging mobile gadgets will produce over 13 megatons CO2e of greenhouse gasses every year, worldwide, and that this year, 6.4 megatons is expected. The 2019 emissions are equal to the yearly emissions generated from 1.1 million cars. Almost 50 percent of the emissions produced by 2019 will…

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IKEA continues progress toward renewable energy goal

IKEA is taking bold steps in regards to renewable energy Businesses around the world are working to embrace renewable energy, partly due to the emissions regulations that have been enacted by many of the world’s governments. Renewable energy can help a business avoid the penalties associated with noncompliance with a country’s emissions standards, but it can also a business cut down on the money it spends on energy in general. Swedish retailer IKEA has become one of the most aggressive pursuant of renewable energy in the retail industry and the…

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Renewable energy utility gains a surge of new customers in the UK

Consumers seek out renewable energy in order to avoid higher electricity prices Ecotricity, an English renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom, recently announced a rate freeze until the beginning of 2014. According to this initiative, the energy company would not charge more for the electricity it produces than it already is. This electricity is provided to thousands of households and businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Ecotricity is considered one of the largest renewable energy providers in the country, as well as its first 100% renewable energy utility.…

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Houston makes progress on renewable energy front

Houston Texas - Renewable Energy

Progress in renewable energy proves difficult due to politics Renewable energy has been making strong progress in some parts of the U.S. A tense political atmosphere and the association that renewable energy has with climate change has made this progress slow throughout the country. In some parts of the U.S., politics has all but put an end to progress in the clean power sector. In others, however, politics has played a more reserved role in progress. Such is the case in Houston, Texas, which has become the nation’s largest municipal…

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Complete reliance on renewable energy is possible

Reliance on renewable energy is possible

Renewable energy continues to be the target of controversy Renewable energy has been a tricky subject around the world. In some parts of the world, renewable energy is a controversial matter due to its association with environmentalism and the concept of climate change. In other parts of the world, renewable energy is too much of an economic gamble to warrant aggressive support. The controversy and skepticism that surrounds renewable energy may be dispelled soon, however, due to a new report that suggests that several countries can meet the entirety of…

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3nine brings more sustainability to industrial sector with new oil filter

Sustainability - Oil Mist Filter 3nine Nova

Oil mist continues to prove problematic for health and sustainability Oil mist is a common, yet often overlooked problem that exists in several industrial sectors. When oil is used as a coolant or lubricant during metal machining and the manufacture of plastic components and materials, oil mist is created. This mist can be hazardous o the health of people working in closed facilities, just as other types of aerosol can be dangerous to people without adequate protection. That is why oil mist filters and collectors exist; to protect workers from…

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Renewable energy influencing global grid storage market

Global Market - Fuel Cells

Renewable energy may be affecting the global grid storage market Lux Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new report concerning the state of global energy grid storage demand. An energy grid is the foundation of a country’s electrical infrastructure, responsible for the storage and distribution of electricity throughout a country. As such, energy grids are very valuable, with the global grid storage market accounting for a great deal of economic activity. According to Lux Research, the global grid storage demand is beginning to grow as renewable energy…

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Renewable energy and sustainability take a step forward in UK

University of East Anglia - UK Renewable Energy

UK continues to show strong support for renewable energy and sustainable construction Sustainability is not solely achieved through the adoption of renewable energy. Finding ways to use environmentally friendly materials in construction is also a step toward sustainability that often goes overlooked in the flood of attention that renewable energy receives. In the United Kingdom, construction is beginning to see something of a revolution as more focus begins to be put on sustainability and the use of clean technologies and materials. The University of East Anglia has recently won approval…

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Massachusetts surpasses solar energy goals

Massachusetts Solar Energy

State overcomes solar energy goals ahead of schedule Like other states in the U.S., Massachusetts has set for itself ambitious renewable energy goals. The state has a strong focus on solar energy, believing it to be a very viable alternative to conventional fossil-fuels. Over the past few years, the state has been working to become more socially and environmentally responsible as well as establish more economic stability through the use of clean power. This week, state officials have announced that not only has Massachusetts reached its solar energy goals, the…

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Copenhagen making major progress in renewable energy initiatives

Copenhagen Renewable Energy

Renewable energy may help Copenhagen reach carbon neutrality Denmark has become a staunch advocate for renewable energy and sustainability. The country is one of the first in Europe to show significant progress toward reaching carbon neutrality, having successfully reduced emissions by a significant margin through its focus on renewable energy. Now, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is on track to reach 100% carbon neutrality by 2025. Wind energy is cited as one of the major contributing factors to this potential future. If Copenhagen attains 100% carbon neutrality, it will be the first…

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Alternative energy news: Steven Chu steps down as Secretary of the Department of Energy

Alternative Energy News - Steven Chu DOE

Alternative energy community stirs as Chu bows out U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced that he will not be pursuing a second term as the country’s energy chief. Chu has been a strong advocate for alternative energy for years, and has helped direct the country toward the adoption of clean power and sustainability. Chu’s departure has caused a stir in the alternative energy community, breeding some uncertainty concerning the future of the country’s alternative energy efforts. Chu assures that alternative energy initiatives will continue Chu issued his…

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