Toyota to launch fuel cell buses in 2017

Automaker has plans to bring fuel cell buses to Japan next year Japanese automaker Toyota has plans to sell fuel cell buses in early 2017. The buses have already undergone thorough testing, with Toyota proving that these vehicles can be used practically. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to use these fuel cell buses in order to make public transportation more environmentally friendly and efficient. Two of Toyota’s fuel cell buses will be utilized in Tokyo at the beginning of next year, if everything goes according to plan. More than 100…

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Hydrogen fuel on the rise in Japan

Tokyo - Hydrogen Fuel News

Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining more support in Japan Japan has been showing strong interest in renewable energy in recent years. The country has long relied on nuclear power, as well as fossil-fuels, but this is beginning to change as the government grows more interested in the economic benefits that may been seen through the use of renewable energy. In 2011, the country was rattled by a massive earthquake that generated a destructive tsunami. Known as the Fukushima disaster, this event triggered one of the worst nuclear crises that the…

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