Automakers call for more support for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles in need of support - three dimensional view of car

GM and Toyota are urging the federal government to support infrastructure projects Major automakers have begun suggesting that the United States Congress should be investing more in the development of the infrastructure needed to support clean vehicles. Late last week, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing at the Washington Auto Show. At the hearing, General Motors and Toyota both called for an increase in federal funding that would be used to build new electric charging and hydrogen fuel stations. These stations are needed in order for…

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Federal tax break for solar energy has been extended

Congress has ensured that the solar energy industry will continue to receive support The future of solar energy in the United States has just become brighter. Congress has approved an extension for the federal tax break that has supported the development of solar projects. Following concerns from various organizations that support the solar industry, Congress has ensured that tax breaks will still be available for another five years. Initially, the federal tax break was set to expire at the end of 2016, which may have put a great deal of…

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