Biodiesel has become so inexpensive in the U.S. that it’s free

Some refiners are being paid to use biofuel. Tax credits in the U.S. have made biodiesel so cheap in some parts of the country that some refiners are being paid to use this clean substitute to diesel. More specifically, one-dollar-a-gallon tax subsidy and other credits, has resulted in Midwest refiners paying as little as 64.5 cents a gallon for the alternative fuel. This, plus additional clean energy incentives offered by California, has lead to some customers in the Golden State obtaining the fuel for free, reported Bloomberg. The commitment to…

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Biofuel may be produced from roadside weed

Researchers from Nevada think they may be able to produce diesel fuel from gumweed. Nevada scientists believe that curlycup gumweed, a common roadside weed that grows across much of Nevada’s high desert, may be ideal for producing biofuel. More specifically, the researchers think that they are close to producing diesel fuel and may even one day be able to produce jet fuel from the plant, reported the Associated Press. Very little water is needed to grow gumweed. Back in the 1980’s, a University of Nevada researcher and mining engineer, Darrell…

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U.S. and India partner to research biofuel

Biofuel research

Biofuel research and development to take place in India The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that the University of Florida will be working with the Indian government on a new alternative energy project concerning biofuel. The initiative aims to research the uses of biofuel and develop a biofuel production system from non-food crops. The project will span a five-year period and is receiving $125 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. The project will also examine the use and development of solar energy. This particular aspect of…

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