Solar energy facilities could provide habitats for bees and butterflies

solar energy facility pollinator habitat - bee and butterfly wildflower

Solar power farms could serve another purpose beyond renewable energy generation. A team of researchers from Argonne National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have been looking into the potential benefits utility-scale solar energy facilities may offer bees, butterflies and other pollinating species, if these facilities also served as a pollinator habitat. USSE facilities in the US could be an ideal home for plants that attract pollinators. Typically, utility-scale solar energy (USSE) facilities are often filled with turf grass or gravel and the land is mostly unused. Research has…

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New Chicago airport to be outfitted with massive solar farm in 2015

Solar Energy

Chicago-Rockford Solar Partners, a corporation specializing in solar energy, has attained approval from the federal government to build a 70 acre solar farm in Illinois. The solar farm is expected to generate more than 20 megawatts of electricity and will be housed at what will become the U.S’s largest airport: The Chicago-Rockford International Airport. Wanxiang America, a manufacturer of solar panels, and New Generation Power, an alternative energy company, will be partnering to help build the solar farm. The new airport is already under construction and the new solar farm…

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Apple to build expansive solar energy farm in North Carolina to power one of its largest data centers

Apple Headquaters

Continuing its pursuance of alternative energy, technology giant Apple has announced that it will be building a large solar farm at its data center in Maiden, North Carolina. The farm will span 171 acres and will provide the majority of the data center’s power. The data center has long been powered by coal, a fact that has earned Apple a great deal of criticism over the years. The company’s recent effort to adopt alternative energy, however, has redeemed some of the favor from its more environmentally-minded consumer base. Data centers…

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