Geothermal energy may be coming to the University of Utah

Geothermal Energy - University of Utah

University seeks to make use of clean power The University of Utah is looking to make more use of geothermal energy. The university is currently working to finalize a deal that will see approximately half of its electricity come from clean power sources. Currently, both Cyrq Energy, a company based in Utah, and Berkshire Hathaway Renewables have submitted proposals to provide the university with renewable energy. These companies are looking to bring some 30 megawatts of clean power to the University of Utah over the next 25 years. Geothermal energy…

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Utah bursting with geothermal energy potential

Geothermal energy

US continues to look for adequate replacement for fossil-fuels, and geothermal energy may be the answer As the U.S. begins to slowly but surely break away from fossil-fuels, the country is eager to find a new, reliable form of energy that can take its place. The federal government has adopted an “all of the above” energy plan that has it pursuing various forms of power, clean or otherwise. Geothermal energy is among the government’s interests, and it has been gaining more attention recently. The Utah Geological Survey has found that…

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