Denmark reaches a new wind energy production record

Wind energy continues to show promising results in Denmark Wind energy has established a strong presence in Denmark. The country has been investing heavily in renewable energy in recent years and has managed to establish itself as a leader when it comes to wind power. According to a new report from Energi Net, wind power has reached a new record in Denmark in terms of energy production. As the country’s focus on renewable power continues to grow, its need for fossil-fuels is quickly diminishing, which is leading to significant savings…

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Wind energy losing steam in Denmark

Wind Energy Subsidies May Negatively Impact Wind Farm in Scotland

Denmark provides powerful example for wind energy Denmark has established itself as a powerful example in the wind energy sector. Like other countries in Europe, Denmark has been taking aggressive steps to embrace renewable energy. This is partly due to economic reasons, but also has to do with the country’s growing environmental concerns. Wind energy has managed to capture the country’s interests over other forms of renewable energy and Denmark is now being considered a leader in the wind sector. Tariffs help power growth in wind sector The success story…

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Wind energy helps Denmark reach major milestone

Wind Energy Denmark

Denmark makes significant progress toward sustainability with the help of wind energy Denmark is quickly becoming a strong example of the benefits of renewable energy. Like some other European countries, Denmark has been embracing renewable energy more readily than those outside of Europe. Thus far, wind energy has been the most prominent form of renewable power that the country has come to advocate, and Denmark has made significant progress in its use of wind energy over the past few years. Now, Denmark has reached a major renewable energy milestone, but…

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