The cost of wind energy continues to dwindle in the US

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Report shows that wind power is becoming more affordable Wind energy has become one of the least expensive forms of power in the United States, according to a report from the Department of Energy. The federal agency recently released its Wind Technologies Market report, which highlights the progress that wind power has made throughout the country. The report shows that as wind capacity has increased, the cost of the electricity wind farms generate has fallen considerably. Cost of wind energy will continue to drop in the future The report predicts…

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Federal Production Tax Credit expires

Wind energy projects face uncertainty as federal initiative comes to an end The Production Tax Credit, an incentive from the U.S. government designed to support wind energy projects, has finally expired. For the past year, the future of the Production Tax Credit has been shrouded in uncertainty. At the end of 2012, federal lawmakers provided the initiative with a year-long extension, ensuring that it would remain active throughout 2013. With 2013 now over, lawmakers have opted not to prolong the lifetime of the federal initiative further. Expiration of tax credit…

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