Report claims climate change is important to corporations

Climate Change

New report suggests that corporations could be facing hard future due to climate change A new joint report from the World Wildlife Fund and the Carbon Disclosure Project has been released an aims to provide some insight on the economic aspects of climate change. Climatic phenomena have been the subject of controversy for decades, largely due to scientists suggesting that climate change is the fault of mankind’s reliance on fossil-fuels. In the business sector, many large corporations have come to oppose any strong action on the matter of climate change.…

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Report targets benefits of renewable energy in the EU

Renewable Energy Report EU

New report highlights renewable energy and efficiency in Europe Ecofys, a consultancy firm specializing in renewable energy and efficiency, has released a new report concerning carbon emissions in the European Union. The report was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which has been showing a great deal of support for renewable energy in recent years. The WWF has become a strong proponent of renewable energy and its ability to significantly reduce the level of carbon emissions that are released into the global environment. Emissions could be cut in half…

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Solar energy could meet 100% of world’s energy demand

Global Solar Energy Market

Solar energy could have major potential, if land were not an issue It is not secret that solar energy systems require a significant investment of land in order to be considered viable. Small amounts of land limit the size of these systems, making their ability to produce electricity much lower than systems found on larger tracks of land. Devoting large areas of land has typically been a problematic issue when it comes to solar energy. Critics often suggest that solar energy will never be able to meet any significant portion…

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