China has become the world leader in solar energy production

Solar Energy - Chinese Flag

China reaches new milestone in its solar energy adventure China has claimed the title as the world’s leading producer of solar energy. The country’s National Energy Administration has announced that China doubled its photovoltaic capacity last year. By the end of 2016, the country had more than 77 gigawatts of solar capacity in operation. The National Energy Administration claims that China is now the official leader of the global solar energy sector, beating out other countries that have invested heavily in this form of clean power. Several provinces show leadership in…

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Chinese companies may take legal action against provinces to secure the growth of wind energy

Legal action may be required to ensure the growth of wind power in China China’s leading wind energy developers are beginning to consider taking legal action against government agencies in three provinces in order to force the country, as a whole, to make more aggressive use of wind power. These developers believe that there are certain barriers that have been established in the national energy grid that make it impossible for larger cities, such as Beijing, to adopt clean power. Despite these barriers, however, China has become the world’s top…

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