A Solar energy system that purifies water

A Solar energy system that purifies water

July 17, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

Solar Energy

Alternative energy could be used to improve quality of life

Alternative energy is often cited as a way to save the environment. This particular aspect of alternative energy is often shrouded in controversy and is subject to debate. Regardless of what impact alternative energy may have on the environment, it could help those in developing and impoverished countries find access to clean water and power. Swedish biochemist Petra Wadstrom has spent the past decade developing a solar energy system that can purify water for this particular purpose.

Solar energy system purifies water

The first line of the solar-powered system was launched in 2007. The system is comprised of a modified jerrycan, which is capable of holding 10 liters of water. The can itself is designed to open like a briefcase. The system makes use of two transparent solar panels, which collect ultraviolet radiation from the sun to kill the bacteria that may be living in water. After approximately 3 minutes of sun exposure, the water within the jerrycan will be purified.

Solar energy may bring clean water to millions

Solar energy has garnered a great deal of attention recently for its uses in residential and industrial power. As alternative energy becomes mainstream, its uses beyond these two realms are receiving more notice. Solar energy is beginning to be considered a viable way to bolster the economy of developing countries because of the prospect of generating sustainable electricity passively. As Wadstrom has shown with her solar-powered water purifier, solar energy could also be used to improve the quality of life of millions of people that currently do not have access to clean water.

Economic potential of alternative energy becoming an attractive prospect

Though alternative energy continues to be a controversial issue, it is becoming more widely used. The benefits of alternative energies are beginning to outweigh the possible detractors, especially in terms of economics.


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