Army’s Fort Hunter Liggett advocates solar energy

Army’s Fort Hunter Liggett advocates solar energy

October 22, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Fort Hunter Liggett activates expansive solar energy system

The U.S. Army has been a strong advocate for clean energy recently. The country’s military has been undertaking a wide variety of clean energy endeavors, backed by concerns regarding national security coming from t he Department of Defense. The Army’s Fort Hunter Liggett in Central California is a good example of the military’s interest in clean energy. Recently, a large solar energy system was activated at the Army base, making it a bastion of renewable power in California.

Solar energy system the largest of its kind in US Army bases

Fort Hunter Liggett boasts of the largest solar energy system installed in any military base in the U.S. The system is capable of producing more than 2 megawatts worth of electrical power, enough to provide energy for the majority of the base’s operations. One of the most significant benefits of the solar energy system is that it helps break the base’s reliance on oil and other fossil-fuels, which are often garnered through foreign sources. Work is currently underway to add another 2 megawatts of solar capacity to the system, as well as the establishment of a small-scale energy grid that will serve the base alone.

Army base may supply excess energy to the California energy grid

If Fort Hunter Liggett can successfully be made energy independent, the base will retain its connection to the Californian energy grid through the local utility, Pacific Gas and Electric. This will enable the base to dump any of its excess energy into the state’s power supply. This could be good news for consumers who are beginning to worry about the price of electricity as the presence of renewable power in the energy grid is likely to drive down prices.

Army support may help solar energy become more accepted

The U.S. Army continues to show itself as a strong supporter of clean energy. Solar energy is getting a boost from the interest of the country’s military. Like other forms of renewable power, solar energy is often criticized due to concerns regarding efficiency. The Army is showing that solar energy can be considered a viable form of power for high level operations, thus helping quash the concerns coming from those that are still undecided about the value of clean energy.

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