California joins ambitious hydrogen fuel initiative

May 1, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

California has joined the H2 USA initiative lead by the Department of Energy

hydrogen fuel - California The California Energy Commission and Air Resources Board has announced that the state has joined the H2 USA initiative. H2 USA is a public-private partnership that was formed by the Department of Energy in order to promote clean transportation and the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. The initiative is also meant to help build a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure throughout the U.S., serving as a support structure for clean vehicles that will be released in the near future.

State continues to be a strong supporter of clean transportation

California has been a staunch supporter of clean transportation and renewable energy for several years. The state is often considered a leader when it comes to the adoption of clean energy and is expected to be the premier U.S. market for fuel cell vehicles. Many of the world’s most prominent automakers have plans to launch their fuel cell vehicles in California, believing that these vehicles will find a significant degree of support in the state.

California will continue to develop its hydrogen infrastructure through H2 USA

California’s participation in the H2 USA initiative will likely focus on the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure within the state. California already has its own initiative concerning the development of this infrastructure, and many new hydrogen stations have been built within the state in anticipation of the launch of new fuel cell vehicles. In 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order that called for the acceleration of the adoption of clean vehicles. Battery electric and fuel cell vehicles have managed to win a great deal of support due to this initiative.

Automakers depend on infrastructure in order to find success

Most automakers have plans to release fuel cell vehicles beginning in 2015. If a comprehensive infrastructure is not in place by that time, these vehicles may only see moderate success among those most dedicated to the concept of clean transportation. Some automakers have opted to delay the launch of their fuel cell vehicles in order to ensure that a working infrastructure is in place before these vehicles are launched.

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