Department of Energy issues call for information regarding hydrogen fuel cells

Department of Energy issues call for information regarding hydrogen fuel cells

May 22, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

DOE begins to show more support for hydrogen fuel

The Department of Energy has been taking a great deal of interest in hydrogen fuel recently. The agency, who once held disdain for hydrogen, considers the alternative energy to be a viable replacement for fossil-fuels in certain applications. The agency has been supporting the research of hydrogen fuel cells, hoping to garner more knowledge concerning their performance, efficiency, and longevity. The DOE has now turned its sights to how hydrogen fuel cells can be used in material handling and other mobile applications.

Agency seeks knowledge on fuel cell applications and storage technology

The agency’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program, has issued a call for information from amongst its stakeholders concerning hydrogen storage systems for the materials handling sector. Fuel cells have become quite popular in this sector, being used to power forklift trucks, baggage tractors and other auxiliary support vehicles through various industries. The Fuel Cell Technologies Program is looking for information regarding targets that relate to the performance, durability, and cost of hydrogen fuel cells and their requisite storage technologies.

Information may lead to more efficient fuel cells and storage methods

Stakeholders now have the opportunity to provide the agency with information and recommendations on how fuel cells should be used in their given industry in terms of materials handling. The DOE will use this information to develop new portable hydrogen fuel cells, which will be designed for use in materials handling vehicles. The agency will also use the information collected by industry stakeholders to develop more efficient storage technologies for hydrogen fuel. Once these technologies have been adequately developed and tested, they will be deployed to stakeholders.

DOE expected to continue its support of hydrogen fuel into the future

Though the DOE has had a turbulent track record with hydrogen fuel, the agency is taking the alternative energy more seriously. This latest initiative is only part of the agency’s more expansive research and development of hydrogen fuel cells and their associated technologies. Though hydrogen has yet to garner the support the agency shows for solar, wind, and natural gas, it has become a key aspect of the nation’s overall energy plan.