Energy storage system could solve energy efficiency problems

Energy storage system could solve energy efficiency problems

July 14, 2012 0 By Alicia Moore

Hydrogen fuel cells

Researchers develop new system capable of storing large amounts of power

One of the major challenges facing sustainability today is the efficient use of energy resources. As energy becomes more of a concern, countries around the world are working on ways to make sure they use the energy they have efficiently. The problem, however, is the lack of comprehensive energy storage technologies that make energy efficiency an easier process. A team of researchers from the Drexel University’s College of Engineering in Pennsylvania aim to solve this problem with a new method to store large amounts of electrical power.

Electrochemical flow capacitor combines flow batteries with supercapacitors

Researchers have developed a method through which energy can be stored and released quickly. The team has created an electrochemical storage system that combines the principles of flow batteries and supercapacitors. The system is being called the “electrochemical flow capacitor” and researchers claim that it is capable of being used as part of a country’s energy grid.

Energy storage system could be used as part of a nation’s energy grid

When incorporated into the grid, the storage system will be able to store large amounts of electricity that can be generated through a variety of means. This energy can then be discharged quickly, allowing for its use with little to no delay. Researchers note that the energy storage system is compatible with existing technology, thus would not require renovations to an existing energy grid in order to function. The relatively long life cycle of the system means that it will not have to be replaced frequently.

Energy efficiency could be attained through use of new system

The new energy storage system may be capable of enabling countries to attain a higher level of energy efficiency. Researchers have already shown that the system can be scaled up easily and at low cost. This makes the system more attractive for use in as part of a country’s energy grid.


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