Everything You Wanted to Know About Electric Cars But Were Afraid To Ask

August 3, 2013 0 By Press Release

Hybrid and electric cars and vehicles remain a popular topic when it comes to alternative fuel news. Governments around the world want to make them mainstream to save the environment but there are still many questions surrounding them. Some of these questions may seem a little silly, leading you to worry about asking them, but here is a list of all you want and need to know.

What Exactly Is a Hybrid Car?

Electric cars are obvious but what exactly are hybrid cars? These are those that run on a mixture of electricity and fuel. They are popular in hydrogen fuel news because they have lower emissions than normal vehicles but don’t need to be left plugged in as electric ones do for hours at a time; often being an inconvenience to motorists. They can use a mixture of fuel types, including natural gas, ethanol and biodiesel. However, they’re not officially alternative fuel cars so don’t qualify for all the incentives available.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

Most batteries will last between 80,000 and 100,000 miles but this does depend on the manufacturer. It can cost between $3,000 and $8,000 for a new battery, unless it is under warranty. Again, this depends on the manufacturer so you will need to consult them for a definitive price and time. It is worth noting that the batteries are designed for the full lifetime of the car (usually up to 200,000 miles) and the warranty can be for as long as 10 years.

The batteries recharge naturally when the car is breaking in a hybrid car. When it comes to electric ones, the batteries are plugged into the household mains to recharge. Part of the solar news focuses on using solar power to help recharge batteries.Electric hybrid cars

Will an Electric Car be the Thing of the Future?

This isn’t likely as the hybrid car is likely to be the favourite. The electric batteries can only last for a few hours and will never have the same energy density as fuelled cars. The hybrid car joins the best of both worlds. Technology is still advancing but some type of fuel is likely to remain part of the vehicles in the foreseeable future.

Is It Possible to Convert Gasoline Cars to Electric Ones?

While it is possible, the cost is high. It will partially depend on the type of motor—whether it is an AC or DC one as this affects the amount of voltage the battery pack has. Since DC motors require less voltage, the cost is usually less but it is still as much as $10,000 just for the parts. The $10,000 is the bare minimum for an AC conversion just for the parts.

When converting to a fully electric car, there is no need for any certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency so the cost on labor can be saved. The only vehicles that may be worth converting are manual ones and those that are custom-made.

Electric and hybrid cars may be the future. They offer lower emissions and are much better for the environment. No question is silly as you determine whether this is the best purchase for your needs.

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