Discover the Synergy of GHD’s Fuel Cell and EV Fast-Charging Integration

Discover the Synergy of GHD’s Fuel Cell and EV Fast-Charging Integration

June 6, 2024 0 By John Max

GHD Secures Patents for Integrating Hydrogen Fuel Cells with Existing Vehicle System and More

Global professional services firm GHD has attained patents in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom for its groundbreaking hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology. The plan is to, seamlessly be able to integrate a hydrogen fuel cell with existing vehicle systems. While the patent is currently pending in the United States, this technological advancement positions GHD at the forefront of sustainable automotive solutions.

Key Benefits of GHD’s Technology

GHD’s patented system boasts a multipurpose forecourt design that revolutionizes the landscape of energy delivery for transportation and stationary power applications. By integrating hydrogen dispensers for refueling Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) with a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEM FC) stack, the system not only fuels FCVs but also provides energy for fast-charging battery Electric Vehicle (EV) stations and serves as a reliable source of back-up power.

This unified approach supports a diverse range of energy delivery applications within a single forecourt, enhancing project feasibility and economic efficiency. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in accelerating the transition to a low/zero carbon economy, benefiting both transportation and stationary back-up power systems.

  1. Significant Reduction in Vehicle Emissions:
  • GHD’s technology helps cut down on harmful emissions, thus contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency:
  • Compared to traditional internal combustion engines, the new technology is more energy-efficient, leading to cost savings and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.
  1. Seamless Integration:
  • The integration of hydrogen fuel cells with existing vehicle systems allows for a smoother transition to cleaner energy without necessitating major infrastructural changes.
  1. Sustainable and Renewable Energy Source:
  • This technology supports the use of renewable energy, thus aiding global efforts towards sustainability.

Fuel Cell - Image of person charging electric car - Renewable Energy

  • Influence on Energy Policy and Infrastructure Development:
  • With increased demand for hydrogen as a fuel source, this technology could shape future energy policy and infrastructure development.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions: Hydrogen and EV Fast-Charging Integration

GHD stands at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation by providing a holistic approach that amalgamates hydrogen fuel cell technology with electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging solutions and fuel cell back-up power at single forecourt locations. Unlike many industry players who focus solely on either hydrogen or EV solutions, GHD has recognized the synergistic potential of combining these technologies to create comprehensive energy ecosystems capable of addressing multiple needs simultaneously.

By leveraging hydrogen fuel cell systems, GHD significantly reduces the reliance on large-scale lithium extraction, which is a cornerstone resource for battery production. This integration not only curtails the environmental impact associated with lithium mining but also complements existing battery technologies, creating a more balanced and sustainable energy landscape. The forecourt design incorporates hydrogen dispensers alongside fast-charging stations for electric vehicles, demonstrating a versatile approach that caters to diverse energy needs.

Incorporating both hydrogen and battery solutions offers a practical pathway to blend the benefits of renewable hydrogen with the existing and future battery EV infrastructure. This dual approach maximizes efficiency, provides robust and reliable energy solutions, and ensures adaptability to future technological advancements. GHD’s multifaceted strategy thus represents a forward-thinking, scalable model that can be replicated globally, fostering quicker adoption of low and zero-emission energy sources, and contributing substantially to worldwide efforts to mitigate climate change.


hydrogen news ebookWe are excited to hear more about how this system will work. By including on-site hydrogen production via electrolysis in the patent, GHD addresses the challenge of matching initial hydrogen demand with electrolyzer capacity. Many electrolyzer manufacturers focus on large-scale production, making it hard to align with the gradual adoption of fuel cell vehicles. This can lead to higher costs and lower efficiency. However, GHD’s integrated approach could help overcome these hurdles, significantly enhancing infrastructure growth and reducing costs over time.

About GHD

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