Google invests in new solar energy project in California

October 22, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Solar energy wind more support from Google

Google has announced that it will be investing $103 million into the Mount Signal Solar project, located in California. The project is being developed by Silver Ridge Power and boasts of a capacity of 265 megawatts. The investment represents Google’s continued support of solar energy and the company’s endeavor to promote projects that aim to make this energy more accessible. This is the 13th time Google has invested in a utility scale renewable energy project and will not likely be the last.

Company spends over $1 billion in investments for renewable energy

Google has spent more than $1 billion in investments for over 2 gigawatts worth of renewable energy projects. Solar energy has become one of the company’s most favored forms of clean power, but Google has also invested heavily in wind and even hydrogen fuel. The Mount Signal Solar project is taking root in California’s Imperial County and is expected to begin producing electrical power within the coming year.

Google Solar EnergySolar energy promises economic benefits

Solar energy, like other forms of clean power, often garners support because of the economic benefits it is associated with. The Mount Signal Solar project is expected to create more than 900 construction jobs as well as numerous permanent positions that will be devoted to maintaining the solar energy system. The energy system will be supplying electrical power to San Diego Gas & Electric. This energy will help the utility meet its clean power goals and help reduce its focus on fossil-fuels while also cutting emissions.

Google plans to embrace renewable energy

Google has expressed a strong commitment to renewable energy over the years, as have several other prominent technology companies. Google is not only providing financial support for numerous projects, of course, as the company is also working to adopt renewable energy more aggressively. The company is making use of solar energy systems and wind turbines in order to generate power for itself and has plans to increase its use of clean power over the coming years.

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