Canadian Green Hydrogen Producer Dominates with Acquisition of 3 Wind Farms in Nova Scotia

Canadian Green Hydrogen Producer Dominates with Acquisition of 3 Wind Farms in Nova Scotia

July 24, 2023 0 By Alicia Moore

Up to 2,500 GWh of clean energy will be generated annually from the combined projects.

EverWind Fuels, a Canada-based green hydrogen company announced that it has acquired three wind farm projects in Nova Scotia, and that these projects in the Canadian province total 530 megawatts (MW) of power and will generate up to 2,500 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of clean energy every year.

The 2,500 GWh will help to produce more than 200,000 tons of ammonia.

The renewable energy generated by the wind farms will power the first phase of EverWind’s green hydrogen and ammonia production complex in Nova Scotia.

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Also, the power generated from the farms, which includes Windy Ridge, Bear Lake and Kmtnuk, can be diverted to the province’s power grid. This is possible as variable hydrogen production can allow for flexible usage of renewable energy.

The three wind farms will be developed in partnership with Renewable Energy Systems (RES). An estimated 650 part-time jobs and 30 full-time green jobs are expected to be created in the region during the building process.

More wind farms will provide power for the second phase of EverWind’s green hydrogen project.

The green hydrogen and ammonia plant, which will be powered by the wind energy farms, will be developed and constructed in partnership with US engineering, procurement and construction company, Black & Veatch.

Green hydrogen - H2 - Wind Farm

Following these first three wind farms, which will power the first phase of EverWind’s project, another 2 GW of wind farms developed on leased Crown land will deliver power for the project’s second phase.

What’s more, the company intends to buy and lease land that will be home to a 300 MW solar project. This solar project will be adjacent to the facility.

EverWind’s project is a “win for the planet”.

hydrogen news ebook“The power generated at these three new developments will also ensure EverWind’s green hydrogen and ammonia will meet the strictest international standards for green fuels, including European RFNBO [green renewable hydrogen and products using green hydrogen and supporting decarbonisation] criteria,” stated EverWind Fuels CEO Trent Vichie.

“It is a win for our project, a win for the province and, ultimately, a win for the planet.”science faqs and hydrogen answers

Green Hydrogen Production FAQ’s

Q. How is green hydrogen produced from wind energy?
A. Green hydrogen is produced by using renewable energy sources such as wind to split water molecules through a process known as electrolysis. This process does not emit any greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Q. Can wind energy produce hydrogen?
A. Yes, wind energy can indeed produce hydrogen. Wind-generated electricity can power water electrolysis for hydrogen fuel production, which can be used to fuel vehicles or stored for future use in fuel cells to generate electricity when wind resources are low.

Q. Could solar and wind power ignite a hydrogen energy comeback?
A. Excess solar and wind energy can run electrolyzers that convert water into hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be distributed via pipelines and converted back into electricity when needed. Hydrogen can also be stored in tanks and underground caverns, forming an energy network that can support industry and back up electric grids.

Q. How much hydrogen can a wind turbine produce?
A. A single wind turbine, when fully operational, can produce enough hydrogen to fuel around 50-70 taxis each day. This carbon-free hydrogen, derived from low-cost, competitive wind power, can be stored and transported for use on demand. Source: Reuters

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