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Hydrogen Fuel News Donate


Let’s keep it going!

We have kept HydrogenFuelNews a free publication for over 15 years and we want to keep it going, but we need your help today.

Let’s shed some light on H2 awareness together – the time is now, the momentum needed is here.

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As you may have guessed, we want to educate everyone on the importance of incorporating H2 power into the future plan – Mass awareness is key, but we have found a lot (younger generations) are still not familiar with this crucial part of the clean energy sector, hydrogen fuel cell power.

Help us keep producing quality H2 education (free ebooks, videos, etc.) focusing on the hydrogen industry and science all while delivering free daily news articles.

This is why we need your help – in order to keep it all going, we need to hire, add new technology and most importantly…keep the lights on – Your small donations will go a long way in finding new ways to accelerate the much needed H2 understanding for everyone. 

We have listened to you too!

Many readers have let us know they would like to have less ads on hydrogenfuelnews.com – We have been working on this and with your help, we will be able to accomplish this goal. 

Thank you so much and let us know how we can improve – We’re working on being the best energy news source for you today!

And if you haven’t gotten our free hydrogen ebook, “Hydrogen Now, Hydrogen Future” – Please pick up your copy here:

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