Voith pours its H2 storage knowledge into new subsidiary, HySTech

Voith pours its H2 storage knowledge into new subsidiary, HySTech

April 17, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

Voith created the subsidiary to focus on its hydrogen storage systems projects.

Voith Group kicked off the month of April by finding HySTech GmbH, a newly formed company dedicated to H2 storage systems solutions, especially for heavy-duty vehicles.

HySTech strengthens Voith’s position in the growing H2 technologies market.

Voith is an expert in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) products and has over a decade of experience in industry and in the automotive sector. Throughout its existence, the company has amassed a broad knowledge of hydrogen tank systems.

Voith has developed a number of groundbreaking solutions. Most notably, a ready-to-install Plug & Drive H2 Storage System – 700-bar hydrogen tanks – for heavy-duty vehicles. Since December of last year (2023), this system has been integrated into heavy-duty trucks that have received approval for on-road use required for marketing in Europe.

HySTech, the new Germany-based company, will serve Voith’s growing customer requirements, harnessing the group’s existing experience in CFRP and the automotive sector.

CEO of Voith, Dr. Toralf Haag, explained that by establishing Voith HySTech GmbH, the company “can serve the growing customer requirements in a targeted manner and leverage the existing growth potential in the hydrogen sector with our broad expertise.”

About the Plug & Drive H2 Storage System

Developed for long hauls, the modular Plug & Drive H2 Storage System can be mounted in as little as 10 minutes via three connection points, and allows for an impressive range of up to 1,000 km (621.37 miles). Due to a tank weighing only 1 ton, it allows for a truck to take on 5 tons more payload compared to an EV-powered truck.

H2 Storage - The Voith Plug & Drive storage system for hydrogen on the back of the drivers cab of a tractor unit - Image Source - Voith Group

The Voith Plug & Drive storage system for hydrogen on the back of the drivers cab of a tractor unit – Image Source: Voith Group

Other benefits of this hydrogen storage system include fast refueling (just under 10 minutes), with a full 55 kg tank providing enough fuel for about 700 km (434.9 miles). Additionally, according to HySTech, the TCO (total cost of ownership) of hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles will eventually have lower operating costs compared to that of diesel or EV trucks, delivering extra efficiency overall.

Will one more company dedicated to H2 heavy-duty transport tip the scales?

hydrogen news ebookHySTech joins several other companies seeking to clean up heavy-duty transport, including Air Liquide, Hystar, Nikola Corp., Mitsubishi, and Quantron to name a few. These companies believe that hydrogen technologies (H2 storage, fuel cells, transport, infrastructure, etc.) will have a significant impact on the sector and are key to achieving large-scale, sustainable decarbonization of the heavy-duty truck industry in ways that other fossil fuel alternatives (e.g., battery electrics) won’t be able to cut it.

Of course, unlocking this widespread adoption is currently easier said than done. Yet, with more companies joining the fight to make hydrogen trucks a reality, technology is only likely to improve, further boosting the potential of an eventual global heavy-duty vehicles H2 breakthrough.

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