China announces first hydrogen energy industry construction guideline standards

China announces first hydrogen energy industry construction guideline standards

August 14, 2023 1 By Alicia Moore

It is the country’s first guideline of its kind on a national level.

Several ministries and departments jointly released the construction guideline for the standards of the hydrogen energy industry in a bid to implement the national deployment of H2 power and define the leading role of standards necessary for the industry’s development in China.

The guideline aims to achieve multiple goals.

The new hydrogen energy industry guideline provides a standard system for hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen transport.

Some of the goals that the standards for hydrogen energy industry guideline reportedly aims to achieve include speeding up the formulation of relevant technical standards as well as improving the international standardization on H2 energy.

Additionally, the guideline clearly outlines the key tasks of domestic and international hydrogen power standardization work over the next three years. It also reportedly deploys core standard development and promotes international standardization.

Hydrogen energy to play a key role in achieving China’s decarbonization goals.

This form of versatile clean power has many uses in an array of fields and can help the nation meet its carbon peaking and neutrality targets. Hydrogen energy offers clean, safe, low-carbon emission, and efficient power.

Hydrogen Energy - Storage and power

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The recently announced guideline is expected to help grow China’s new energy and green development sectors. What’s more, the guideline is a supplement to the hydrogen energy development plan for 2021-2035, that was released in March.

The amount of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources in terminal energy consumption is anticipated to increase significantly in the nation by 2035. If all goes according to plan, this energy will no doubt support China’s green energy transition.

China is the world’s largest hydrogen producer.

hydrogen news ebookChina isn’t the only country that has released a national strategy to support the development of hydrogen. The US, Australia, Germany, and Japan are among the handful of countries with a defined hydrogen development plan.

That said, at present, China is the largest producer of hydrogen in the world. According to Xinhua, the country’s annual output is 33 million tons, which accounts for roughly 30% of global hydrogen production.

By 2030, the China Hydrogen Alliance estimates that the nation’s hydrogen energy market will reach 43 million tons.

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