TECO 2030 celebrates another DNV AiP win for its compressed hydrogen fuel systems

TECO 2030 celebrates another DNV AiP win for its compressed hydrogen fuel systems

March 22, 2024 0 By Erin Kilgore

An approval in principle with “no showstopper conditions”.

Classification society DNV has granted additional approval in principle (AiP) to TECO 2030 for its compressed hydrogen fuel systems. This most recently granted AiP affirms the viability and safety of the Norway-based cleantech company’s innovative hydrogen storage tanks design.

Further proof of TECH 2030’s dedication to H2 tech.

According to Tore Enger, Group CEO, TECO 2023, the recognition the company has received from gaining additional AiP from DNV for its compressed hydrogen fuel systems, validates TECO 2030’s “commitment and competence to driving sustainability in the maritime sector”. Furthermore, it underscores hydrogen’s potential as a clean power solution for the future of the shipping industry.

Enger said that TECO 2030 is fully committed to advancing its tech and working together with other industry partners to speed up the transition toward emission-free shipping.

The hydrogen fuel systems are designed for all ship types.

What makes TECO 2030’s compressed hydrogen fuel systems design innovative is that it can be installed onboard any ship. However, the company is fully committed to safety as much as it is to innovation. This is made evident by how stringently it adheres to the alternative design approach outlined in MSC.1 – Circ.1455 for the final approval of the hydrogen storage systems onboard vessels. By taking this approach, TECO 2030 takes the extra step of ensuring thorough evaluation and compliance with industry standards. This only bolsters confidence in its technology being reliable and efficient.

Hydrogen Fuel - Fuel Cell System with Hydrogen Storage Tanks - ec56b8bf-ca20-42e1-8568-69e997783271 - Image Source - TECO 2030

Fuel Cell System with Hydrogen Storage Tanks – Image Source: TECO 2030

What’s more, before it moves ahead with construction and installation onboard any ship subject to classification, the company intends to provide a full set of documentation custom-made for the specific vessel. This documentation will undergo the DNV’s rigorous review and approval in accordance with established classification protocols.

Why does the granted AiP matter?

hydrogen news ebookDNV’s approval in principle affirms that TECO 2030’s compressed hydrogen fuel system design is safe and viable. This is significant because TECO 2030’s systems could be a gamechanger for the maritime industry.

The systems have a flexible design, allowing them to accommodate all ship types. Moreover, they include vital components. Among these are the bunkering systems, fuel storage hold space, inerted tank connection space, gas relief system, and fuel supply system (as well as pressure control).

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