Revo Zero green lights pre-orders for its hydrogen SUV, Energy

Revo Zero green lights pre-orders for its hydrogen SUV, Energy

January 9, 2024 4 By Alicia Moore

It’s a first-of-its-kind plug-in hydrogen-battery hybrid vehicle.

Revo Zero, a Virgina-based start-up, is taking pre-orders for its hydrogen SUV, Energy, which is a pFC (plug-in fuel cell) technology zero-emissions SUV vehicle.

A vehicle unlike other hybrid cars.

Unveiled in December 2023, Revo Zero’s hydrogen SUV breaks the mold of traditional electric vehicle hybrid vehicle designs. In fact, it’s a first of its kind as far as plug-in hybrid vehicles go.

More specifically, compared to other plug-in hybrids on today’s market, Energy uses hydrogen instead of a fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engine as back-up power for the on-board battery. The vehicle is able to use hydrogen through the integrated pFC unit that houses the fuel cell (provided by Nuvera) and battery.

Revo Zero’s innovative pFC Technology brings together a plug-in fuel cell with a battery and hydrogen tanks. Ultimately, the result is a plug-in fuel cell module that combines the best features of each technology.

The battery functions as the primary power source while the hydrogen fuel adds power to extend the vehicle’s range.

The zero-emission EV and hydrogen SUV hybrid boasts an up to 700-mile range.

According to the automaker, their unique technology allows for fast refueling (as little as 7 minutes on average with H70 dispenser) and extended range, up to 700+ miles (longest EV range in the market).

Hydrogen SUV - REVO ZERO pFC Technology - Image Source - Revo Zero YouTube Video

Hydrogen SUV – REVO ZERO pFC Technology – Image Source: Revo Zero YouTube Video

This hybrid EV hydrogen SUV (which looks something like an SUV with minivan features) is ideal for both short and long-distance trips.

A release date has not been announced.

hydrogen news ebookAlthough Revo Zero is presently accepting pre-orders for its limited run of model Energy vehicles, at the time this article was written, the company has not stated where the vehicle will be manufactured, when it will be ready, or what the final price tag will be.

Presently, the official Revo Zero site states, “The model ENERGY is currently in development and will be launched once all safety testing is completed. We will keep you updated on the production and delivery status.”

For now, those who are interested in pre-ordering the battery and hydrogen SUV hybrid can do so via the company’s official site by making a $500 deposit (fully refundable).

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