HyperSolar develops new material to improve hydrogen fuel cells

December 3, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Company has announced new material that could make fuel cells less expensive

HyperSolar, an innovative company specializing in the renewable production of hydrogen fuel, has announced that it has developed a new catalyst material for fuel cells. These energy systems are notoriously expensive due to their use of platinum. This platinum is used to comprise the catalysts they use to generate electrical power. The high cost of fuel cells has made them somewhat unattractive when compared to other forms of renewable energy, but less expensive catalysts may solve this problem in the future.

HyperSolar has developed technology that ensures the renewable production of hydrogen fuel

HyperSolar has a history of making fuel cells, as a whole, less expensive. The company has developed innovative hybrid technology, which utilizes solar energy in order to generate hydrogen fuel. Fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electrical power and conventional hydrogen production methods are part of the reason fuel cells are so expensive. Renewable hydrogen production can make these energy systems more attractive, but finding new catalysts may be the best way to cut costs.

New catalyst is comprised of materials that are abundant and inexpensive

University of Iowa - Hydrogen FuelThe new catalyst material was developed with the aid from researchers at the University of Iowa. The material is a sulfide-based photocatalyst comprised of other materials that are already very abundant throughout the world. Researchers believe that the new material can outperform platinum when used in a fuel cell catalyst. HyperSolar will continue to test the material to determine its capabilities. Whether or not the material will be incorporated into future fuel cell systems is uncertain, as more testing much be done.

Making fuel cells less expensive could make them more attractive

The fuel cell industry has been growing quickly throughout the world. These energy systems have found a great deal of support in the auto industry, where companies are using them to power a new generation of clean vehicles. The high cost of fuel cells has created some problems, however, and finding ways to reduce the cost of these energy systems has become a priority in several sectors.

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