HyperSolar extends research agreement with UCSB to make breakthroughs in renewable hydrogen fuel production

January 14, 2016 0 By Bret Williams

Extended research agreement may yield more breakthroughs in renewable hydrogen production technology

HyperSolar, a developer of innovative renewable hydrogen production technology, has announced that it will be extending its sponsored research agreement with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The research agreement between the two organizations will run through June 30 of this year. UCSB researchers had been vital in the breakthrough of renewable hydrogen fuel production technology and HyperSolar aims to continue benefiting from the university’s expertise in this regard.

HyperSolar continues to reach milestones with innovative technology

HyperSolar recently reached a significant milestone in hydrogen fuel production. The company’s technology can produce hydrogen using 1.5 volts of electrical power, which is considered the appropriate level for hydrogen production to be commercially viable. HyperSolar has continually demonstrated its ability to develop innovative technology that could become very prominent in various industries, especially as the demand for hydrogen fuel grows.

Businesses are showing favor for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Research ExtendedSeveral business sectors are beginning to embrace fuel cell technology as a way to make use of renewable energy. These energy systems generate electrical power through the consumption of hydrogen fuel, but modern hydrogen production methods require fossil-fuels, such as natural gas, or electricity produced through the consumption of these fuels. HyperSolar has tapped into the power of solar energy in order to generate the electricity needed to produce hydrogen fuel, thereby creating a renewable production process that is environmentally friendly. Businesses using hydrogen fuel cells could take advantage of the technology that HyperSolar has developed.

Large businesses are using fuel cells as primary and backup energy systems

The Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association recently released a report concerning the growing popularity of fuel cells among businesses. The report shows that some 23% of Fortune 100 companies are using fuel cells as either primary or backup energy solutions. This has lead to a steady increase in the demand for hydrogen fuel, which has created new opportunities for companies like HyperSolar. The company’s research agreement with UCSB is likely to be fruitful, leading to further breakthroughs in renewable hydrogen production.

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