Low-Cost Hydrogen Gas Production from Natural Gas, Freshwater, and Seawater

Low-Cost Hydrogen Gas Production from Natural Gas, Freshwater, and Seawater

August 16, 2012 0 By Press Release

The number one priority of the World is energy independence and security through innovative technologies that creates clean jobs. Advanced Plasma Industries (API) has an innovative, proprietary, and patented solution to this problem.

As you know, ever-increasing population growth and global industrialization continue to create a huge demand for energy. Whereas fossil fuels are unsustainable and pollutive sources of energy, hydrogen is a viable solution for sustainable emissions-free energy. However, current methods of producing substantial quantities of pure hydrogen (H2) cannot meet demand or be produced in a cost- effective manner. To this end, API has invented a unique plasma technology that will extract hydrogen from natural gas at 1/10th the current cost, and, in much higher volumes than electrolysis.

We will prove Phase 1 technology through a modeling simulation, utilizing ComSol multiphysics software that will yield a successful proof-of-concept to our technology. The computer simulation can speed up the time to understanding materials performance.

The benefit of API’s project to the planet is energy independence and security for the world for the next 200 years. API’s process will develop a methodology that can deliver substantial quantities of low cost renewable hydrogen from natural gas, fresh water, and salt water. This will greatly add to the strength and financial stability of the world and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

 Once API’s proof-of-concept yields success, we envision a time when all coal burning power plants will be converted to hydrogen (extracted from natural gas through API’s patented process). Our scientific technology is focused on actual delivery of low-cost hydrogen that can compete with other worldwide energy sources in the market place, which will lead to a tangible, disruptive, and renewable hydrogen energy product.

API’s “plasma transformational technology” meets the UN’s mission of ensuring global security and prosperity by allowing the world to remove itself from chaotic geo-political issues related to foreign oil. Our unique patented process will allow us to produce hydrogen, inexpensively, efficiently, and in high volumes from hydrates, freshwater, and seawater. Once API hydrogen production capabilities are proven, unlimited renewable energy would be possible, while preserving the environment. Our technology will create a conduit for a new energy commodity

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Press Release: August 16, 2012

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