Mitigation of Business Risk through Maintenance, Repair and Operation Assessment

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Businesses are facing the pressure of sustaining their profitability and ensuring the company operates effectively.

Companies need to ensure there are routine repair and maintenance operations to systems in the facility. Ventures without the necessary personnel can rely on maintenance, repair and operations companies to ensure business processes run well. It is a demanding task and affordable for small and medium businesses if they can outsource the services.

Inventory and equipment management is an extensive activity that requires departments to work together. The management must develop strategies to care for the companies assets. On the other hand, technology aids the way businesses undertake the initiative. There are new techniques that can handle everyday workplace operations. It is critical to understand the cmms systems and how it helps in maintenance tasks. On the other hand, the management can take a proactive approach in the mitigation of the risks. 

Elements in Repair, maintenance, and Operations 

An affordable mro strategy requires companies to look at what the workforce will be doing daily. It will ensure the facility and equipment are in good shape, eliminating the downtime risk due to failure. The manufacturer’s manual acts as a guide on the functionalities and standard operation of an asset. Having a mro strategy reduces wastage of resources, manages time, and improves business operations. Below are the elements that constitute a practical repair, maintenance, and operations strategy;

  • Action; repair and maintenance aims at restoring equipment into an ideal state. It includes inspecting the various systems and taking action to restore the asset to its original condition. The process also involves adjusting to new ways of operating and undertaking regular maintenance. 
  • Tools; it is impossible to conduct repair and maintenance operations without the necessary tools. Whether it is fixing or inspecting equipment, it is vital to have all the required supplies to implement the plan.

The Role of the maintenance Department

Every company has to have a department that undertakes repair and maintenance tasks on its assets. If the firm has no finances to set up, there is an option of outsourcing the services. Below is the role that the technicians can play in a business;

1. Regular Inspection

Scheduling frequent inspection and assessment of the company’s assets can help identify a problem early. The department will undertake repair and maintenance on the item as required. It is crucial as it improves efficiency and safety around the workplace. There need to conduct more frequent inspections of assets that are in constant use. However, it is crucial to check all the equipment and machines for routine maintenance tasks. 

2. Modifications

Companies may need to alter and improve their assets to reduce the chances of breakdowns. It may include structural changes that make the properties more adaptable to the working environment. The maintenance guys need to supervise any engineering projects before their integration into the business processes. They also have the responsibility of aiding the production department in their operations, especially in the manufacturing industry.

3. Repair and maintenance

Whenever the company assets are not in good condition, it is the department’s role to repair them. They need to be readily accessible whenever other departments require maintenance works. However, it is critical for the personnel to develop strategies to prevent equipment and machines’ imminent failure. 

The duties include maintaining existing assets, installing new equipment as needed, replacing faulty items, among other responsibilities. A proactive approach to repair and maintenance will significantly reduce the costs. It aids in identifying the problem beforehand and acting accordingly to manage the identified problem. 

4. Integrate New Systems

The maintenance department can undertake preventive and continuous maintenance tasks efficiently by using modern tools. Some software can help the technicians manage their workload as it flags and schedules important tasks. It allows them to plan their work better, communicate effectively with colleagues, and prioritize repairs. 


Preventive maintenance reduces the breakdown of assets and downtime in operations. It will improve revenue and profitability in modern businesses.

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