New renewable energy initiative launched by DOE

New renewable energy initiative launched by DOE

April 2, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

DOE Renewable Energy

DOE launches new renewable energy initiative at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced the launch of a new renewable energy initiative this week, dubbed the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative. The initiative was launched at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where officials highlighted the successes of the laboratory’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility. The new initiative from the Department of Energy is meant to promote the use of renewable energy and the development of technologies that can be considered sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative aims to bring clean power to the manufacturing world

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative will have two major goals. The first will be to fund the research and development of projects that are designed to improve the manufacturing capabilities of the U.S. in regards to renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels. The U.S. has begun to lag behind some other countries in this regard due to the lax support that manufacturing innovation has received over the past several years. The initiative is expected to encourage innovation and help the U.S. establish a strong presence in the clean technology sector.

Initiative to promote energy efficiency

The other goal of the initiative is to strengthen the country’s competitiveness across several manufacturing industries. This will be done by supporting improvements in energy production and promoting energy efficient materials and practices throughout the manufacturing process. This part of the initiative is designed to show manufacturers that they can save money and increase productivity by embracing energy efficiency and by making use of clean technologies.

Support for renewable energy is on the rise

The U.S. has taken a sharp interest in renewable energy and is home to several ambitious projects concerning its use. The Department of Energy has been a strong supporter of renewable energy, but the agency’s endeavors to support clean power have only recently become more earnest. The Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative represents one of the most recent measures the agency has taken to support the growth and adoption of renewable energy and clean technologies.

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