Nikola and Voltera Join Forces on Huge Hydrogen Refueling Project

Nikola and Voltera Join Forces on Huge Hydrogen Refueling Project

May 2, 2023 3 By Jake Banks

Nikola Corporation and Voltera Team Up to Build the Biggest Open-Network of Commercial Hydrogen Refueling Stations in North America

Nikola Corporation, a leading provider of zero-emissions transportation, and Voltera, a critical decarbonization infrastructure provider mainly within the EV space, have joined hands on a definitive partnership aimed at developing up to 50 HYLA stations throughout North America over the next 5yrs. The partnership is set to create the largest North American open-network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations, with Voltera owning, operating and siting the fit-for-purpose hydrogen refueling stations while Nikola provides the hydrogen fuel and technical expertise.

Strategic Partnership Aims to Accelerate Adoption of Zero-Emission Vehicles and Deployment of Billion-Dollar Investment in EV Charging and Hydrogen Fueling Facilities

This strategic partnership aims to provide fuel to vehicles from various manufacturers to promote the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, thereby accelerating the deployment of several billion dollars that Voltera plans to invest in EV charging and hydrogen fueling facilities.

Under this partnership, Voltera will be responsible for siting, building, owning, and operating strategically located and fit-for-purpose hydrogen refueling stations. On the other hand, Nikola Corporation will supply the hydrogen fuel and provide technical expertise to support the development of the hydrogen refueling stations.HYLA Nikola Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Nikola and Voltera Emphasize Partnership’s Significance in Developing Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure

“Our partnership with Voltera will bring substantial capital and expertise to support Nikola’s plans to build refueling infrastructure to support its customers,” stated Carey Mendes, President at Nikola Energy. “This partnership will accelerate the development of the hydrogen fueling required to support Nikola’s first-to-market hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and fueling infrastructure.”

Voltera CEO Matt Horton added: “Voltera’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, by taking on the complex nature of developing the necessary infrastructure. By partnering with Nikola, we are expanding our focus beyond battery-electric vehicle charging in order to dramatically increase hydrogen fueling infrastructure.”

This underscores Nikola’s earlier pledge.

The partnership between Nikola and Voltera is set to solidify Nikola’s initial plan to develop 60 stations by 2026 and is expected to be the largest North American open-network of commercialhydrogen news ebook hydrogen refueling stations.

By working alongside Voltera, Nikola can accelerate its efforts towards decarbonization and providing clean energy for transportation. Overall, this partnership is a major milestone for achieving the shared vision of a sustainable future for transportation.

It’s evident from this partnership that collaboration between companies in the electric vehicle (EV) and hydrogen industries is crucial for the development of a sustainable clean energy transportation system.

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