Pelican Water Creates Interactive Map To Assess Water Quality Risks By State

Pelican Water Creates Interactive Map To Assess Water Quality Risks By State

August 4, 2016 1 By Press Release

Pelican Water Systems, a leader in home water filtration systems, unveils a new interactive map highlighting major water concerns in each of the 50 states.

The map is the newest online tool provided by Pelican Water to help Americans better safeguard their homes and families from unsafe drinking water.

In response to the lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, and with a goal of increasing water quality awareness across the country, Pelican Water researched key water issues by state. They created this innovative and interactive tool to highlight the top three water issues by state. The methodology started with a list of issues deemed high risk (i.e. lead, arsenic, water scarcity). If a state had two or more of these issues, they were classified as extreme risk, as opposed to states that had lower risk issues (i.e. fluoride, hard water, etc.) Risk levels for each state range from low toPelican Water Systems, water quality extreme, and are color-coded based on

Pelican Water remains a consumer advocate when it comes to identifying contaminants in and treating home water supplies. Pelican Water is proud to provide consumers with the industry’s quickest home water testing kit, offering an analysis of home water supply in just seven days. Identifying contaminants such as total coliform (bacteria), copper, manganese, chloride, and fluoride, elements often found and highlighted on the interactive map, the Rapid Water Testing Kit provides a first line of defense against potential harmful contaminants in the home water supply.

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