Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production Leads Green Revolution

December 3, 2021 0 By Press Release

Hydrogen energy is recognized as the most promising secondary energy in the 21st century.

It has the advantages of clean, low carbon, high calorific value, and high conversion rate. In the context of carbon-neutral, the energy structure of many countries will gradually transit from a fossil energy focus to a clean energy society. The development of hydrogen production technology plays an irreplaceable role in emission reduction, deep decarbonization, and improvement of utilization efficiency. Meanwhile, hydrogen application is progressively infiltrating into many other fields besides the traditional use, such as industrial manufacture, transportation, construction, power generation, etc.

With the increasing influence of hydrogen energy, photovoltaic hydrogen production industry is also rapidly ignited.

Photovoltaic hydrogen production mainly uses direct current generated by photovoltaic power generation systems to supply hydrogen production stations. Compared with traditional power stations, photovoltaic DC power generation systems reduce the process of inverter and voltage boost. The main equipment and facilities include photovoltaic modules, combiner box, bracket, foundation, and grounding device. Photovoltaic modules can be configured in series and in parallel according to the input voltage and current requirements of the hydrogen generation station, thus improving the system efficiency. 

Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production and how it works

Angstrom Advanced Inc. has released their latest Angstrom 2.5MW containerized single stack hydrogen production system, making a great contribution to “green photovoltaic hydrogen production and global carbon-neutral”.

This system adopts advanced alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production patented technology…

the total footprint only occupies 2 of 40ft containers (1 40ft and 2 20ft), which is much smaller than international counterparts. The system can be modularized to 10MW/100MW or even larger module scales, the capacity of hydrogen and oxygen produced is 500Nm3/h and 250nm3 /h respectively, purity will reach 99.9% after purification,  DI water consumption rate is around 500L/h, the maximum output pressure is 1.6MPa, and DC power consumption is 3.9 ~ 4.5 kWh/1 Nm3. The system only takes 2-3 weeks to be installed, which is much less than traditional systems  

In the post-epidemic era, green economic recovery and emphasis on renewable energy have become the development consensus of most countries worldwide. Photovoltaic hydrogen production is believed to be a very important link in the global carbon-neutral process sooner or later.

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