Portable hydrogen fuel cell system launched by Intelligent Energy

November 18, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Intelligent Energy reveals new hydrogen fuel cell system

Intelligent Energy, a clean technology company based in the United Kingdom, may be the first to launch a portable hydrogen fuel cell system that is designed to charge mobile devices. The company has unveiled its Upp fuel cell system, which will go on sale in Africa in the near future. Upp is designed to be a lightweight energy system that is capable of charging consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops.

Portable fuel cells are gaining some attention

Portable fuel cells have received modest attention over the years, with many considering these types of energy systems to be little more than a novelty. Typically, portable fuel cells are marketed as valuable tools for outdoor enthusiasts that do not have access to a reliable energy source. For these people, small hydrogen fuel cells can be quite useful, as these energy systems can keep their various electronics charged. Portable fuel cells may also be useful for people that travel frequently, or those that live in areas where a reliable connection to an energy grid is not common.

Upp system could keep electronic devices charged

The Upp fuel cell system makes use of hydrogen fuel cartridges that can be replaced as though it were a common battery. The system is equipped with a 5 watt USB connection and is compatible with most rechargeable batteries. A single hydrogen fuel cartridge for the Upp system boasts of an energy capacity of 25 watt-hours. Intelligent Energy notes that the Upp system can charge an electric device quickly, as if it were plugged directly into a socket.

Cost of fuel cell system may depend on future partnerships

The Upp fuel cell system is estimated to cost as much as $199, but the cost of the system’s hydrogen fuel cartridges has not yet been determined. Intelligent Energy is currently working to partner with telecommunications companies in order to make the Upp system more available. Such partnerships could have a dramatic impact on the ultimate price of the fuel cell system, making it more affordable for those that sign up for service plans.

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