Report highlights opportunities for hydrogen fuel and natural gas

March 16, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Sandia National Laboratories sees promise for producers of hydrogen fuel and natural gas

Sandia National Laboratories has released a new report that suggests there are promising opportunities for producers of hydrogen fuel and natural gas. These opportunities exist in the fueling sector, where the demand for both hydrogen and natural gas is beginning to grow due to the development of vehicles that use these fuels. The report shows that hydrogen and natural gas share opportunities for growth in this sector.

Demand for alternative fuels is on the rise throughout the United States

The report draws upon a recent workshop that was supported by the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies and Fuel Cell Technologies offices. The workshop was organized by Sandia National Laboratories, the American Gas Association, and Toyota. The report notes that natural gas and hydrogen fuel have reached an opportune intersection, though natural gas is the feedstock from which 95% of hydrogen is produced currently. Companies that produce natural gas could benefit from this, as hydrogen is becoming a very attractive fuel for the transportation sector.

Fuel production companies could benefit from shared opportunities

Sandia National Laboratory - Hydrogen FuelFuel producers could capitalize on infrastructure projects that are taking place in many parts of the country. These projects are seeking to give fuel stations the capability to provide hydrogen and natural gas. These stations would be used to support the adoption of new vehicles. In the case of vehicles that are powered using hydrogen fuel, they produce no harmful emissions, while natural gas is a type of fossil-fuel.

Use of common equipment and manufacturing processes could benefit fuel producers

The report also highlights the benefits that companies can see through adopting similar standards. Using common equipping, similar pressures, and similar manufacturing processes could lead to greater success for these companies. As zero-emission vehicle mandates become more common, the demand for alternative fuels is expected to continue growing. Whether or not clean vehicles will be considered successful is difficult to say, however, as consumers have shown relatively low interest in these vehicles and the cost of these vehicles is somewhat high.

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