SiGNa Chemistry making strides in portable energy

SiGNa Chemistry making strides in portable energy

August 14, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Hydrogen fuel cartridges from SiGNa Chemistry create new energy solutions for mobile technology

Energy solutions for mobile technology are becoming a more prominent issue as the technology continues to expand its influence on society. Portable hydrogen fuel cells have emerged as a promising way to keep mobile devices charged with their ability to produce significant amounts of electricity without releasing any harmful emissions. SiGNa Chemistry has made significant progress in the development of portable fuel cells with its innovative hydrogen fuel cartridges. These cartridges make it possible to power a wide variety of electronics through the use of hydrogen fuel cells.

Cartridges make it possible to make use of hydrogen fuel nearly anywhere

Typically, hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by drawing upon hydrogen gas that is created through a chemical process. The gas is either produced off-site or within the fuel cell itself. SiGNa Chemistry has contained the gas in its cartridges, which are very similar to batteries in that they enable the utilization of electrical power. The cartridges can be used by fuel cells to generate electricity through the consumption of the gas contained within.

Fuel cartridges can produce hydrogen without the use of a catalyst

SiGNa Chemistry makes use of a non-pyrophoric sodium silicide powder that is considered safe to use in portable fuel cells. The powder is capable of producing hydrogen gas without the use of a catalyst. Catalysts are one of the key components in conventional hydrogen fuel cells and are most often comprised of platinum, which dramatically increases the price of fuel cell energy systems. The sodium silicide powder is used in the fuel cartridges produced by SiGNa Chemistry, which are manufactured using low-cost and environmentally friendly materials.

SiGNa Chemistry may add momentum to the fuel cell industry

Hydrogen fuel has been becoming more popular recently. The alternative energy has opened up a new avenue for sustainability, but the fuel cell industry has found commercialization and profitability to be elusive concepts. SiGNa Chemistry may be capable of providing some momentum to the fuel cell industry as a whole through its developments in technology and portable energy solutions.


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