Study predicts growth in global stationary fuel cell market

May 25, 2015 0 By Erin Kilgore

Global stationary fuel cell market is poised to see promising growth in the coming years

Winter Green Research has released a new study concerning the global stationary fuel cell market. These fuel cells have become an important energy tool for many industries, largely due to their ability to produce high amounts of electrical power without also producing harmful emissions. Companies in the industrial sector like to use these energy systems, but they are also becoming more common in the residential sector, where they do not only produce electricity but also heat.

Distributed generation is becoming an attractive quality of fuel cells

The study suggests that the global stationary fuel cell market is poised to experience growth in the coming years. New materials and nanotechnology has lead to improvements in fuel cell technology, making these energy systems less expensive and more efficient. These advances have lead to increased interest in stationary fuel cell systems. This interest has been augmented by the fact that stationary fuel cells are distributed generation systems. This means that these systems produce energy on-site, rather than feeding it into a larger energy grid that can be consumed by numerous sources.

Fuel cells continue to gain favor because of their simplicity

Stationary Fuel Cell - Study predicts growthDistributed generation is often considered quite valuable in various sectors. On-site energy production is less expensive than deriving energy from a grid. Fuel cells are also somewhat less complex than other energy sources and distributed generation provides a somewhat efficient way to make use of electrical power. The installation of a stationary fuel cell system is also not complicated, making fuel cells somewhat less expensive when compared to other forms of energy.

Fuel cell companies may see more success  in the coming years

Companies like Bloom Energy are likely to find more success due to growing interest in stationary fuel cell systems. Large technology and telecommunications companies are showing particularly high interest in these energy systems. Stationary fuel cells are being used to power data centers and are also being used to provide electricity to network towers that support large telecommunications networks that provide Internet access and phone service.

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