United Kingdom pushes to be leader in success of hydrogen-powered vehicles

United Kingdom pushes to be leader in success of hydrogen-powered vehicles

June 17, 2012 0 By John Max

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UK continues to work toward preparing itself for hydrogen transportation

In January of this year, the government of the United Kingdom initiated a plan that would establish the country as a key player in the commercial launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The global auto industry has been working feverishly to prepare the world for hydrogen transportation for years. Most major automakers currently have plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles into the commercial market in the next few years and many of these companies have worked to establish a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure capable of supporting these vehicles. Meanwhile, governments have been looking to solidify their countries as homes for the commercial success of these vehicles.

UKH2Mobility project aims to establish infrastructure and financial incentives for automakers to launch their vehicles in the UK

The initiative, known as the UKH2Mobility project, aims to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to the country by making it financially attractive to automakers. The project’s initial goals were to investigate the potential environmental benefits of hydrogen-powered vehicles and how they could affect the country’s economy. The project aligns with the government’s emissions reduction goals and is believed to help the country become more energy independent.

Work remains to be done before hydrogen-powered vehicles can take root in the country

Though the project has made strides in preparing the UK for the coming of hydrogen-powered vehicles, there is still a great deal of work that must be done before these vehicles can find commercial success in the country. A hydrogen fuel infrastructure has taken root, but it must be expanded before hydrogen-powered vehicles can be considered a viable alternative to conventional vehicles, especially where consumers are concerned. The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has also highlighted several problems with fuel cell technology, most of which involve efficiency and adequate storage methods.

Inability to remedy problems could bode ill for country’s bid to lead the success of hydrogen-powered vehicles

If the problems with hydrogen fuel cells and the country’s lack of a sufficient infrastructure cannot be addressed before the launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles, the UK may miss its opportunity to play a leading role in the success story of hydrogen transportation.

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