United Nations envoys endorse alternative energy and sustainability text ahead of Rio+20

United Nations envoys endorse alternative energy and sustainability text ahead of Rio+20

June 21, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

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Delegates produce text that details various actions to be taken for sustainability

Ahead of this year’s United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), delegates from the 190 nations that will be represented at the conference have agreed upon a draft text concerning actions toward synergizing the global economy and efforts to protect the environment. The conference is meant to bring together the world’s leaders to have them tackle the various economic and environmental issues that are facing society at large. Modest progress has been made on these fronts at previous conferences. The UN hopes that countries will be committed to taking significant actions this year.

Cutting fossil-fuel subsidies suggested in text

UN envoys have endorsed the draft text that has been agreed upon by delegates. The text addresses several topics. Among them is the subject of cutting subsidies for fossil-fuels. This concept has become popular recently, particularly in the U.S. The initiative has garnered the favor of U.S. citizens, but federal lawmakers have been sluggish in showing any amount of support, fearing that such a move would boost the prices of oil significantly.

Adoption of alternative energy highlighted

The text also refers to measures that would help promote the adoption of alternative energy. Though alternative energy has been considered a purely environmental subject, it has begun causing a stir in the world’s economy. UN envoys suggest that the adoption of alternative energy systems could have a beneficial impact on a country’s economy, especially those that are currently undergoing rapid development. This would also help mitigate the effects of climate change as these energy systems do not emit any harmful gases.

Economic benefits of alternative energy to be a subject of discussion during conference

Alternative energy is beginning to gain momentum in the world of politics. While climate change has been steeped in controversy, it has managed to raise the concerns of many world leaders. The text agreed upon by delegates will be reviewed during the Rio+20 conference that will be held from June 20 through 22.


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