Wind energy use to spike by 2017 according to IEA report

Wind energy use to spike by 2017 according to IEA report

July 11, 2012 0 By Bret Williams


IEA issues new predictions concerning wind energy and renewable power

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its latest predictions concerning wind energy. The organization notes that wind energy systems are beginning to show that they have major appeal with the world’s governments. Part of this appeal lies in the realm of economics. Wind energy, as well as other alternative energy systems, has long been associated with environmental issues. Now, governments are beginning to consider alternative energy systems for the impact they may have on the economy and how, in some cases, these energy systems could be used to avoid financial catastrophes.

Report suggests 40% growth of worldwide alternative energy usage

The IEA prediction can be found in the organization’s Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report of 2012. The report analysis the market growth and economic impact of eight of the most popular sources for renewable power, including wind energy. Based on the information the IEA has compiled for the report, the organization expects to see worldwide usage of alternative energy to grow by 40% or more by 2017. Solar, biofuels, and hydrogen are expected to contribute to this growth, but wind energy systems are predicted to have a profound impact on the alternative energy market as a whole.

Economic power of alternative energy gaining more attention

The economic implications of alternative energy systems have managed to attract more attention to the market than ever before. With Europe in the throes of a crippling and dangerous financial crisis, the cost of energy and fuel continues to be a subject of concern. These concerns are driving some countries to aggressively adopt alternative energy systems. Wind energy has become a popular focus for countries that experience strong winds and those that are near the ocean.

IEA expects clean technology will overcome challenges to become dominant force in energy industry

The IEA expects that alternative energy, as a whole, will begin to play a bigger role in the world in the near future. Though clean energy has yet to gain the commercial favor that is currently enjoyed by fossil-fuels, clean technology is well on its way to becoming the dominant force in the realm of power.


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