FCHEA launches new resources concerning hydrogen fuel cells

July 21, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

FCHEA provides new resources that aim to offer insight into the fuel cell industry

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) has released new resources to highlight the impact that fuel cell technology is having on the energy landscape throughout the world. Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular in many sectors. For many years, these energy systems have been used in industrial spaces, but they are beginning to see used in other areas, especially in transportation. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association is comprised of many organizations throughout the world and has been promoting the use of fuel cells for some time.

New guide highlights the availability of fuel cell systems

The FCHEA Member Product Guide has been released to highlight the number of fuel cell systems that are commercially available. The guide does not only cover fuel cells, of course, as it also highlights the existing hydrogen supply chain. The supply chain includes components used to build fuel cells and generate hydrogen. The FCHEA Member Product Guide also features services that certain organizations provide. These organizations are associated with the FCHEA and some provide laboratory space, research and development assistance, and testing and certification services.

Media guide provides information concerning organizations involved in the fuel cell industry

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - New GuidelinesThe second resource being offered by the FCHEA is the Member and Media Guide. This guide provides a detailed overview of each member organization of the FCHEA. This guide provides media contact information for these organizations. Both guides being offered by the FCHEA are meant to be used by government organizations, energy developers, and customers interested in using hydrogen fuel cells for some purpose.

Demand for hydrogen fuel cells continues to grow

Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular among those interested in renewable energy. These energy systems can produce electrical power without also generating harmful emissions, making them ideal for use indoors. Fuel cells have also grown in popularity in the transportation space. Many major automakers are now using these energy systems to power clean vehicles that generate no emissions. Hydrogen production systems are also becoming more popular, largely due to the growing demand for fuel cell systems.

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