FuelCell Energy acquires assets from MTU Friedrichshafed GmbH

FuelCell Energy acquires assets from MTU Friedrichshafed GmbH

May 17, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Assets could help embolden the fuel cell market in Europe

FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of FuelCell Energy Inc. based in Germany, has announced that it is acquiring assets from MTU Friedrichshafed GmbH, a maker of commercial internal combustion engines. The assets acquired by FuelCell Energy include components for hydrogen fuel cells and manufacturing technologies that were once used by MTU’s fuel cell division. FuelCell Energy will also gain access to intellectual property help by MTU and make use of it to further develop the hydrogen fuel cell market in Europe.

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming a powerful presence in Europe

Europe has become a hotbed for hydrogen fuel cells in recent years. Many countries in the region are working to adopt this form of alternative energy, with many considering fuel cells a viable option for transportation, both public and private. Companies like FuelCell Energy have been working in the region to promote this adoption of alternative energy, hoping to further establish hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil-fuels like oil and coal.

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Assets expected to help FuelCell Energy address efficiency issues

FuelCell Energy notes that its acquisition of assets from MTU is crucial to its operations throughout Europe and in Germany specifically. These assets will help the company manufacture more efficient fuel cells, which could make hydrogen fuel more attractive to companies and consumers. The company hopes to address the efficiency issues that have plagued fuel cells for several years and believes that once these issues are resolved fuel cells will become more affordable. Both companies have maintained cooperative agreements in the past and are expected to continue this relationship into the future.

FuelCell Energy to work for the commercialization of fuel cells in Europe

Fuel cells have garnered a great deal of attention in the world of alternative energy. Though these energy systems are gaining momentum, they are still criticized for being too expensive. Their costly manufacture has made it difficult for fuel cells to find acceptance with consumers. FuelCell Energy believes that solving the inherent problems with hydrogen fuel cells could open the way for the energy systems to attain commercialization.