ITM Power to build new hydrogen fuel station in the UK

November 27, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

New hydrogen fuel station will take form in Essex

ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been granted approval to build a new hydrogen station in the United Kingdom. The station will be located in Essex, where it will provide fueling support for those using fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are not yet commercially available, but automakers expect to bring fuel cell vehicles to the market in the relatively near future. The approval that ITM Power has received has come from the Havering Borough Council.

ITM Power continues to find success with its projects in the United Kingdom

The company has been developing various projects in the United Kingdom for the past few years. ITM Power currently has more than $10 million in projects under contract, with another $5 million in projects in the final stages of negotiations. ITM Power’s new project, the hydrogen fuel station, will be build at the Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence in Rainham. The project has received no objections from the Havering Borough Council.

Fuel cell vehicles may be able to find success in the United Kingdom

hydrogen fuel stationFuel cell vehicles are likely to become very popular in the UK in the coming years. Many automakers see the country as a very promising market for clean transportation. In order for fuel cell vehicles to find success, however, the country will require a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The UK government has been working to develop such an infrastructure in the interest of supporting clean transportation. Building new fueling stations has been an expensive and time consuming endeavor, however, and the country still lacks the needed infrastructure to ensure the success of fuel cell vehicles.

HyFive project aims to bolster Europe’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The new hydrogen fuel station is expected to be open to the public by spring of 2016. The station is part of the HyFive project, a pan-European project which has brought together many companies in the auto industry and government agencies. The HyFive project is meant to aid in the deployment of fuel cell vehicles and bolster the hydrogen fuel infrastructure of Europe as a whole.