Largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant is located in South Korea

July 28, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

World’s largest fuel cell power plant is only an hour away from Seoul

South Korea is home to the world’s largest fuel cell power plant. The power plant is located near Seoul and exists as a very prominent energy resource for the country. The Gyeunggi Green Energy power plant is designed to showcase the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells, as well as provide South Korea with a way to distance itself from fossil-fuels and embrace renewable energy more aggressively.

Fuel cell power plant generates 440 million kilowatt-hours of energy a year

The fuel cell power plant is able to produce 440 million kilowatt-hours of electrical power every year. This energy is generated from hydrogen fuel cells, which were developed by FuelCell Energy, a prominent player in the fuel cell industry. The company had sold these fuel cells to POSCO Energy, which manages the power plant, in early 2014. The power plant is fully operational with 21 hydrogen fuel cells that can produce 2.8 megawatts of electricity each.

Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining prominence in South Korea

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant - South KoreaSouth Korea is becoming a very attracting market for fuel cells. The demand for these energy systems has increased significantly in recent years. The country is looking to distance itself from fossil-fuels for both economic and environmental reasons. As it continues to do so, it is showing more support for hydrogen fuel cells, as well as others forms of renewable energy. Hyundai, the country’s largest automaker, recently launched its first hydrogen-powered vehicle in the country, which has managed to find some modest success and expose consumers to the capabilities of fuel cells as used in transportation.

Country wants to move away from fossil-fuels

By 2035, South Korea intends to derive no less than 11% of its power from renewable sources. Those in the fuel cell industry believe that hydrogen fuel cells will play a big role in this endeavor, but the country has also begun heavily investing in solar energy and other types of clean power. The rise of renewable energy may create new economic opportunities for South Korea and businesses interested in clean energy.